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Contract Terms and Conditions

Reservations with WORLDTRANSIT LLC are bound by the following terms and conditions

All companies, individuals or corporations initiating an order for transportation services either verbal, or via on-line reservation, and have received a confirmation for service, become bound to all terms for remunerations to WORLDTRANSIT LLC when services are fulfilled. These terms also to be understood include any fees associated with returned or bounced checks, dishonored credit card charge backs that result in any associated fees to be absorbed by WORLDTRANSIT LLC.  Account holders will receive a 1% late charge for payments not received within the allowed period after receipt of invoice.

WORLDTRANSIT LLC is not responsible and will not bear the onus for account holder excuses of not being able to charge clients late fees this is the sole responsibility of the account holder for any inability to remit payment on time.  Account holders will receive a separate invoice for each late payment until the account is current. Additional fees included on invoices are a 1% office and operation fee and a 15% driver gratuity.
Optional methods to avoid late fees such as electronic invoicing, credit card payment and always cash are acceptable.  Payment for all accounts not setup as contracts are to be settled within 20 days from receipt of invoice. Contact are agreements with set terms for service over a period of time, usually between 1 to 5 years of service.

ORLDTRANSIT LLC retains the right to charge any individuals contracted or non-contracted for any abuse or damage to vehicles interior or exterior, this includes the entire vehicle! In addition all vehicles are non-smoking to provide a fresh environment conducive to the needs of all individuals.                                                           
WORLDTRANSIT LLC Drivers or dispatch will notify 911, and expel any unruly or disgruntled passengers issuing threats or exhibiting mannerisms that would endanger the safety of the driver or other passengers in the vehicle, contracted or non-contracted. An ejected passenger for any reason does not void the responsibility for complete payment of any arranged and confirmed order.             
WORLDTRANSIT LLC drivers are trained to perform their duties to their highest standard; this does not include breaking the law or the speed limit for persons late or in a hurry. No return payment will be made for persons missing any appointments due to their own tardiness or any traffic related complications. Drivers will arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to any confirmed order arrangement and will assist individuals to the best of their ability.
ORLDTRANSIT LLC is not responsible for orders placed for vehicles not able to accommodate either too many persons or too few, reservations made are based on an individual’s particular needs when placing the order. Additional vehicles will require a complete new order, this is in addition to the first order placed even if the vehicles are not used the minimum hourly will be charged! Individuals or account holders making cancellations for orders in progress are responsible for the minimum hourly fee or the deposit for that order. Cancellations for orders must be received 48 hours prior to service, any orders not canceled within this time will be responsible for any deposits to hold vehicles, this especially applies for specialty vehicle like Coach Buses, Limos or multiple sedan or SUV vehicles that require a hold. The hold is usually the deposit for the minimum amount of hours for that particular vehicle.

WORLDTRANSIT LLC rates are based on hourly structures these rates can vary, rates are adjusted either higher or lower, and higher hourly rates are usually for non-account holders that have no frequent usage lower hourly rates are just the opposite. Hourly rates or also called as directed are just that! HOURLY this means that the vehicle is being charged hourly from the time reserved until completion. Orders can become hourly even when not designated or book with this intention. This is typical when a job becomes more than two or three additional pickups or stops in the direction of the destination or not.

The only variation or deviation from start to finish times with regards to hourly billing would be airport transfers, or distance travels greater than 80 miles in either one direction or round trip. In these cases vehicles use a mileage rate system, one-way mileage rate charges are typically the full distance out and half the distance on the return, Round trips are the full rate out plus any waiting and full rate on return. Airport transfers rates vary from 1/2/2.5/4 and 6 hour minimums these rates do not include additional waiting time for flights that are delayed when vehicle is on location, waiting to retrieve lost or misplaced luggage, or new arrival times due to missed flights without contacting WORLDTRNSIT LLC dispatch.

The grace period allowed is (15) fifteen minutes.  Additional waiting time begins after the grace period. (20) Twenty minutes past each hour constitutes as an additional hour these charges will be in addition to the normal quoted rate. Vehicles reserved for such hourly or as directed use where items are left inside the vehicle are not the responsibility of WORLDTRANSITLLC. Drivers will encourage this for client convenience and will not tamper with any items left in the vehicle, this decision remains solely at the discretion of the client or account holder based on the value of any particular items.                                  

WORLDTRANSIT LLC vehicles are serviced to perform at the highest standard, but in reality all manmade objects do break down! In consideration of this WORLDTRANSIT LLC in the event of mechanical vehicle breakdowns, will replace any vehicles experiencing any problems as expeditiously as possible. WORLDTRANSIT LLC will not be responsible for any return payments or discounts for mechanical issues, any discounts will be at the discretion of the manager or dispatch person on duty in accordance with any time related complications. 

WORLDTRANSIT LLC will not be responsible for persons entering the vehicle exhibiting behaviors consistent of someone under the influence of alcohol or any other judgment impairing intoxicants that might result in misjudged steps, bumped heads, or falling and injuring themselves in anyway what so ever. WORLDTRANSIT LLC will not be responsible for persons damaging, ripping clothing garments of any apparel while on vehicle, or during the process of entering or exiting.  

*I have read, agree and fully understand all of the terms that apply to my confirmation reservation for vehicle service*

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